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Songs have been present in peoples lives from the very beginning of humanity. They have been with us during religious ceremonies, in bars and in the shower. Songs have become an integral part of our language experience, and if used in coordination with a language lesson they can be of great value. The research, presented in this book considers a comparative study and analysis in the usage of song lyrics and the traditional more formal course book exercises in the teaching of Present Simple, Present Continuous and Past Simple tenses to year 7, 8 and 9 students. The aim of this book is to introduce the different methods of teaching English verb tenses, the use of song lyrics and music in the EFL classroom. It also focused on the reasons for using songs by demonstrating their effectiveness as a learning tool. The fact that grammar teaching may sometimes appear to be boring for certain students may make them rather unwilling to learn the grammar of a foreign language. In this situation, teachers should find some alternative, more motivating ways of teaching it.
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