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A volume in Issues in Career Development Book SeriesEdited by Grafton T. Eliason, John Patrick and Jeff L. Samide California University of PennsylvaniaCareer Counseling Across the Lifespan: Community, School, and Higher Education is the latest volume in the Issues inCareer Development Book Series, edited by Grafton Eliason, John Patrick, and Jeff Samide, from California Universityof Pennsylvania. The purpose of Career Development Across the Lifespan is to provide a broad and in-depth look at thefield of career development as it applies to individuals involved in all areas of community counseling, school counseling,and higher education. The book will examine some of the field's major theories, themes, approaches, and assumptionsusing the writings of a variety of regional and international experts. Specific emphasis is spent examining issues reflectiveof today's challenges in developing and maintaining a workforce that is diverse, flexible, and efficient. Readers willbe provided with an action based framework built on the best available research information.This text book is truly the culmination of 8 years work, compiling comprehensive studies from three previous volumesand updating key concepts in career counseling with the most contemporary theories and innovations. We examine threeprimary domains of career counseling throughout all of the developmental stages of the lifespan: community, schools K-12, and higher education. We include a specific focus on career histor...
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