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What people are saying about In His Image… “In the writing of In His Image, Pastor Polson not only does a wonderful job showing us what it means to be made in the image of God, but he also provides us with very practical steps that will help us in this transformation process. I think you will find this book to be a positive step in seeing God transform you into His image!”–– Mark Kirk, Pastor of Calvary Knoxville (Knoxville, Tennessee)“In a culture awash with self-identity talk, Pastor Sam Polson directs us to the truest identity of all – our Creator and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. By successfully combining insightful theology and pastoral warmth, In His Image will enrich the reader’s walk with God. I can see this book being particularly helpful for any Sunday school class, small group meeting, or in-home Bible study.”–– Dr. Greg Baker, Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church (Liberty, Utah) “Coram Deo is a Latin phrase translated in the presence of God, and defines how my friend Sam Polson submits to Christ and His kingdom. In this book, Pastor Sam provides a fresh and stimulating insight into the beautiful, biblical doctrine of Imago Dei, the image of God, while giving the reader the tools needed to REAP the word. In His Image is a book I highly recommend to assist in family worship, private devotion, or personal study.”–– Dr. David Trempe, Pastor of Westminster Chapel (Knoxville, Tennessee) “In the book In His Image, Sam Polson carries the reader on a journey that c...

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