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Description:Human activity, both good and bad, cannot be explained merely by DNA and brain chemistry. Though disappearing in our modern world, moral knowledge is accessible. In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches how to be a truly good person. With moral authority He describes the good life and gives direction to our will.Transforming Habits presents an accessible and straightforward study of the Sermon on the Mount. Each chapter addresses one of Jesus' preaching points and ends with a ""Sermon Application""--questions to ponder and ""transforming habits"" (i.e., spiritual disciplines) to practice. Designed to help you live as God intends, this study (1) focuses and expands your vision of what life looks like in His immediately available kingdom, (2) builds your intention to live with Him as a disciple of Jesus, and (3) provides you with useful means to do this in everyday life.Whether you read it on your own or in a small group, this study of the Sermon on the Mount provides spiritual guidance for your journey on the road of transformation--to God's glory and your joy!Endorsements:""Dr. Stephen Robbins has written a fascinating, insight-filled, and potentially life changing book about the Sermon on the Mount. Written in a crisp style with many notable turns of phrase, Robbins seeks to unlock the depths of Jesus' teaching about how we are meant to live as His disciples.The heart of the book, to my mind, is found in the Se...

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