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A volume in Research in Bilingual EducationSeries Editor: Liliana Minaya-Rowe, University of ConnecticutThis collection of essays examines the historical, social, cultural, and educationalfoundations of ESL/EFL/Bilingual Education. The four themes of this book are:¨ Historical, Legal and Political Foundations of Bilingual/ESLEducation¨ Linguistic and Sociocultural Issues in ESL/EFL Education¨ Educational Reform and English Language Teaching¨ Effectively Teaching Bilingual/ESL/EFL StudentsThis volume offers a concise overview of English language learning issues from foundations to current reform topractical guidelines to implement in the classroom. The articles are a variety of theoretical essays, reports ofresearch and practical guides to teaching ESL/EFL/bilingual populations. Many of the essays are presented fromthe perspective of critical pedagogy relying on the work of educational theorists such as Paulo Freire, LisaDelpit, and Michael Apple. Although there are connections among the essays, this collection allows the reader toread any of the essays as individual pieces, so the reader can focus on the issues that are most relevant.This book is aimed at instructors of ESL/EFL/bilingual foundations courses. It would be appropriate forundergraduate or graduate level courses. There is some international appealfor this text since several of the essays focus on general English languagelearning issues, and at least two focus on international issues.

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