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Remember ME Always is a poetry collection that permits a peek inside the window of Ayanna Guyhto’s world of words. Yana’s life experiences worked to inspire her and inform. Her writing presents a fervent, vivacious view of life. Sometimes sympathetic—other times, amusing—she offers something for everyone via her many flavors of prose. During her life, Yana wrote with sheer excitement, attempting to inspire and motivate. Her words aim to uplift and give hope. She possessed the ability to connect with people, so Remember ME Always portrays that connection and her love for life, people, and animals. Daily, she nurtured her capacity to find love all around her and inspire that love in others, as well. Her poems bridge the mind of a child through to adulthood. These compiled works introduce the early writings of a seven-year-old through to the discoveries of a young woman. Her poems are sprinkled with perception, free of inhibition, and offer delight and pleasure. Remember ME Always takes readers on a journey—a journey to revisit again and again.
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