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Questions and Answers is a game designed to stimulate the learning of vocabulary and interrogative forms that make up the base of the English language. Game components: A poster illustrating an amusement park which is used to help form questions and answers. A deck of 66 cards illustrating 66 subjects from the poster. A dice with pronouns and interrogative adverbs. The instructions contain suggestions and useful ideas for a wide range of games and activities that can be carried out in class or at home with friends. К карточкам прилагается игровое поле и кубик. Размер поля: 60 см х 39 см. Размер кубика: 4,5 см х 4,5 см х 4,5 см. Размер коробки: 21,5 см х 14,5см х 3,5 см.
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