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This teacher's guide is designed to help those who lead class study based on Charlie Brackett's book titled Get Ready, Get Set, I Do! (ISBN 978-0-9779577-0-5). The self-help book is designed for those already married as well as those who are preparing to get married, and adapts well to classroom study. This teacher's guide and its companion, the Get Ready, Get Set, I Do! Student Workbook, (ISBN 978-0-9779577-1-2) are especially designed for classroom use. The student questions in both parallel the book from which they get their name. This guide includes possible answers to student questions and suggestions for prompting and guiding class discussion.Get Ready, Get Set, I Do!, the book, includes questions for individual evaluation of a person's suitability as a marriage partner. They are designed to help individuals who are contemplating marriage identify strengths that will assist in building a happy relationship and weaknesses that might hinder marital success. Consequently, the questions are very personal, useful in choosing a marriage partner. While the book is targeted primarily to those contemplating marriage, it is equally valuable as a self-help tool for married couples who would like to improve their relationship.After the book was published, many expressed interest in using it with the Bible as a textbook in class study. This teacher's guide and the student workbook were created to address that interest by providing a broader range of questions sui...
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