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Combining a survey of the history and purposes of Christian higher education, critical approaches to faith-learning-living, and practical lessons for teaching, scholarship and service, The Soul of a Christian University assists faculty and administrators in educating hearts and minds.Author and editor, Stephen J. Beers, is a Vice President at John Brown Univeristy. Other contributors include: Norris Friesen, Huntington University; Tim Herrman, Taylor University; Darryl Tippens, Pepperdine University; Wendy Soderquist Togami, John Brown University; Jane Klosterman Beers, John Brown University; Eileen Hulme, Azusa Pacific University; Thomas Jones, Taylor University; Paul Kaak, Azusa Pacific University; Kina Mallard, Gordon College; Rick Ostrander, John Brown University; Todd C. Ream, Indiana Wesleyan University; Mark Sargent, Gordon College; Mark Troyer, Asbury College; Skip Trudeau, Taylor University; Brian Clark, Indiana Wesleyan University.
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