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Deep within the foggy mountains and lush forests of Appalachia, mysterious creatures lurk. These abnormal, fantastical, and extraterrestrial beasts have inspired hundreds of stories throughout the region, some dating back to the early 19th century. Most of these legends are still recounted to this day.Storytelling is an essential aspect of Appalachian culture. ""App-UH-latch-UH: Myths and Monsters"" (named after the locals' pronunciation of the word) is a book dedicated to the culture, its people, and its traditions. App-UH-latch-UH is a whimsically illustrated book about monsters from the Appalachian region, but also serves as a highly-detailed coloring book built for hours of entertainment. View and learn about local monsters like Mothman, Wampus Cat, and the Snallygaster through 35 full-page coloring pages, 6 regional maps (featuring documented wildlife), 1 mini coloring page, and a short story about each in a softcover, 100 pg. book.

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