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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject Business economics - Personnel and Organisation, grade: B, Heilbronn University, language: English, abstract: Thesis paper about the cultural differences in motivating and managing human resources between the German and United States workforce and managers.Outstanding leadership performance of today's very culturally diversified workforce is, if not the, one of the most important challenges for organizations. One very important aspect of leadership is the ability to motivate; this is a much needed skill in order to allow co-workers and subordinates to use their full potential. Motivation is an essential part of any profession, not only for the employer or leader but also for the employee. This paper researches the differences in job-motivation that exist across cultures, particularly the cultural differences between Germany and the United States and presents a comparative analysis of these two cultures. Not every cultural difference seems directly linked to job-motivation, but on a deeper level many inconspicuous differences do affect motivation after all. The aim of this work is to find the discrepancies and similarities of values, beliefs and attitudes in the workplace and to come to an explanation of these influences and to conclude the implications they have. In pursuance of demonstrating the implications of culture on motivation, understanding of the concepts behind motivation and culture is absolutely necessary. Ther...
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