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"And He Will Lift You Up" is the remarkable story of Zanina Jacinto, a woman who is painfully familiar with disabilities--her precious daughter, Danielle, was born with cerebral palsy; several years later, Zanina was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and bipolar disorder. Faced with these setbacks, Zanina turned to the Lord, and He lifted her up when her own strength failed.Zanina raised Danielle, who today is a vibrant young woman, and an honor student with a bachelor of science in special education. Zanina became a teacher of special needs children, but eventually, had to leave her job when multiple sclerosis consumed her body with relentless fatigue, and muscle weakness made walking and standing difficult. During this dark and frightening time, Zanina battled depression and soon discovered that she also had bipolar disorder.But as Zanina and Danielle persevered and held tightly to the Lord's promises, again and again, God graciously and miraculously supplied all of their needs.Travel with mother and daughter to the Promised Land of Israel where they experience the fullness of God's grace, power, and love; and rejoice with them as they return home with renewed strength and vision. Be encouraged as Zanina shares how she successfully deals with life's challenges and shows you how to do the same."And He Will Lift You Up" will speak to your heart as a testimony of the enduring power of faith, and will light the way for you to find the hope and joy th...
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