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Beautifully Naked is a unique devotional that takes the reader on a journey of self-evaluation and reflection to embrace her spiritual life in this modern-day society. While the image of women is being attacked in many ways, Beautifully Naked challenges young women to live a transparent and unashamed life. This devotional will include journal entries for women to reflect on themselves in order for them to develop a genuine relationship with Christ, activities for both groups or individuals, and open discussions. This devotional will appeal to a wide age span of young women from the teenage years to young adults. Furthermore, this devotional book is meant to empower young women in their godly identity within this secular culture. Women who are feeling the desire to be comfortable in their skin will find hope in Christ. Metaphorically, to be beautifully naked means to be embrace how God intended us to be, exposed for who we are and not ashamed. We are made by God’s design, and that makes us worthy of the freedom in Christ to express his purpose for us as women.
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