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Master's Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Law - Media, Multimedia Law, Copyright, grade: B, University of Hannover (Institut für Rechtsinformatik), language: English, abstract: Search engines have raised an amount of legal issues surrounding copyright. Since search engines do not own a majority of the content they show, but mostly provide access to the content of third parties, the most common concerns are the reproduction of copyright protected works and the making available to the public thereof. Apart from the standard website search, specialised search functions like Infopaq or Google Image Search have also raised some fundamental copyright questions.In 2010 Google introduced a new function for its search engine, named Instant Preview, which also has the potential to raise certain copyright issues. Besides the title of a website, the URL and a snippet appearing on the search result list, the new feature offers a graphic representation of a given search result, in the form of a small screenshot appearing besides the results. This feature is useful to quickly evaluate the search results.This kind of feature is not completely new to web search engines. Yahoo search used this kind of feature years ago , and is a web search engine which inherently used this function from the beginning . Also Bing offers a similar service for some time. Nevertheless, with Google Web search receiving several hundreds of million queries each day, and a worldwide market shar...
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