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This is an autobiography about the life of Pamela D. Lester and her forty-five-year journey from fear to faith. She grew up terrified of cars because of the terror she experienced while riding with an alcoholic father (driven fear). She married and also became the very thing that she was afraid of all of her life, an alcoholic. After struggling with alcoholism for thirty-seven years and drinking from the wrong cup, she gave her life to Jesus Christ, began to drink from the cup of life and she is now being used for God’s glory (her faith).This book is her personal testimony of how fear can alter the course of your life and divert your dreams. Pamela tells of how she inverted inside herself and suffered with bouts of anxiety, depression and mental illness.“My prayer for this book is that it brings awareness and hope to those living under a spirit of fear. I pray you gain the courage to acknowledge fear, confront fear, subdue fear and ultimately overcome fear. I speak to your spirit and pray you walk into your calling and realize that F.E.A.R. is only a false—expectation—appearing—real. I encourage you to trust God, step out on faith, and keep moving forward. Remember that your blessings are on the other side of your fears.”Pamela D. Lester

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