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Master's Thesis from the year 2017 in the subject Politics - International Politics - General and Theories, grade: 1, , course: International and European Studies, language: English, abstract: This paper sets out to examine how and why a country take decisions on international issues without recourse to consulting or liaising with other countries either in the execution of war or in the course of embarkation on peacemaking. Focus shall be on some wars and peace-making efforts solely planned and implemented without recourse to set international rules and respect for the protection of human rights and how it affects international relations. What are the impacts of such unilateral decisions? Some of these actions were adjudged either wrong or right especially when unilateralism was precipitated by the lack of consensus to reach negotiations or how unilateralism negatively affects other countries. From whatever position these actions are evaluated, it is a growing anomaly that could manifest dire consequences. What are the statistics of unilateralism in modern times? This thesis shall also examine how the international community responds to unilateralism in conflict resolution. How effective has the reactions of the United Nations towards unilateralism been to date? What are the causes, motivation and consequences of unilateralism? Unilateralism in itself does not determine the legitimacy or illegitimacy of an action. It is the circumstances of the action and the responses of...
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