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Tired of Gaining Weight or the Guilt & Shame from Emotional Eating?Be Filled with the Spirit Instead!For years, I'd gain at least 5 pounds around the holidays or whenever I felt stressed. I used it as an excuse to break all of my boundaries with the promise that I'd restart my diet after the latest drama or life catastrophe had passed. Because I didn’t understand the depth of Christ's love for me and as result, I only focused on feeling satiated by filled full of my favorite foods which ironically left me feeling empty and trapped. I felt anything but free.Over the years, I've come to realize that without a deeper understanding of God's love for me, I'm lost. I refuse to let overwhelm be a stronghold over me because I simply over-extend myself and over-eat until I’m stuffed.So I've chosen to live a new way and choose “Faith over Food” and I invite you to join me.Every time I feel anxious, scared or overwhelmed, I now engage in a deeper understanding of God's love for me during any of these storms.Receiving God's Love is a 21-Day Devotional that aligns your heart with the heart of our Heavenly Father's and renews your passion to live for HIM and in HIM.● God's love is steadfast and unchanging● God's love transforms our lives● God's love comforts us● God's love is revealed to us through Jesus Christ● God's love gives us peace and joy● God's love is poured into us through the Holy Spirit● God's love compels ...

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