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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Geography / Earth Science - Geology, Mineralogy, Soil Science, grade: A, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (FACULTY OF SCIENCE), course: GEOLOGY, language: English, abstract: This work produces some vital geologic information on the geology and structural analysis of rocks mapped around Kanwara, Dass local government area of Bauchi State. The mapped area is located between longitude N10001'09" and N1O000'09"and latitude E9032'42" and E9031'26". Exposure of rocks in the area were mostly high level and medium level outcrops with only a few low level outcrops, the high level outcrops were conically shaped with height ranging between 400m to 700m above sea level while the inselberg was about 900m. The predominant rock types in the area were granite gneiss, biotite granite and migmatite, under thin section, minerals were identified via their respective optical properties under both plane polarized light and cross polarized light, the major minerals associated with the rocks were; biotite, quartz, feldspars, (orthoclase & plagioclase), muscovite and microcline. Based on field observations, the geologic structures found on the rocks include; joints, foliations, minor folds, ghost schist, dykes and veins. The joints indicate the masking effect of the pan African orogeny on the older granites (trending NW-SE). The shape of the girdle from the structural analysis conducted indicates that the rocks of ...
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