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Project Report from the year 2008 in the subject Communications - Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, grade: B (= very good), The Royal Institute of Technology (JMK - Department of Journalism, Media and Communication), course: Method Project Course, language: English, abstract: The research question I am interested in is concerned to the generation 50plus: How is the generation 50plus perceived in German social magazines and to what extend are their needs served by the published ads in those magazines, i.e. how is the generation 50plus addressed by the (advertising) industry? I have chosen this topic, since it is of a current importance in the discussion of media target groups beyond the border of the standardized definition of the alleged relevant target group for advertisers in the age of 1449 years. Especially the 50- to 64-year age group is more brand than price orientated. That means they have no problem to pay more for higher quality, to expand more for fashion, cosmetics and luxury articles, to wine and dine and to go out to theatres, cinemas or concerts quite often. It is estimated that the generation 50plus (also called Best Ager) has a spending power about the half of the purchasing power potential in Germany circa 90 billion Euros and an above-averaged propensity to consume. Therefore their spending power is four times higher than that of average households. Furthermore nowadays the target group of the generation 50plus spans already 30 billion ...
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