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A vindictive ex-husband. A deadly arsonist. If one doesn’t destroy Eve Carlisle—the other one might.When Eve Carlisle returns to Newport to pack up her belongings, she has no idea of her ex-husband’s plan to ruin her future happiness. Breaking free of her past, however, thrusts Eve into the sights of an arsonist, and places her life in even more danger.Fire chief Jake Wright wants nothing more that to start his life with Eve. Returning to Newport shows Jake a side of Eve he’s never seen, and he wonders how much he really knows the woman who stole his heart. When a series of random fires begins to look like arson, Jake must confront a new threat to Eve. Can Jake get to her before her life is snuffed out?Return to Newport is the second book in the fiery Return To Me romantic suspense series by Anne L. Parks. Split between the romantic eastern shore town of Newport and the snowy mountains of Colorado, Return To Newport offers page-turning excitement and chills.

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