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Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2012 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Africa, grade: A, Atlantic International University (School of Business and Economics), course: Government Budgeting, language: English, abstract: The paper focuses on the extent of stakeholder participation in budget making process at the local government. In the context of the study, the term stakeholder mean persons, institutions, organizations and groups of people who have direct or indirect interest in the budgeting process at any or all levels of the governance's structure and activities thereof. The paper provides an analysis on the practicality of stakeholder participation or simply participatory budgeting in the local government system in Zambia using Kabwe Municipal Council as case study. An analysis of the challenges that the Government at the level of local government faces in its quest to incorporate participatory budgeting at the local level is also presented. The direction of the paper focuses mainly on the general assessment of the conditions for effective participatory budgeting and its impact on the stakeholder community. Kabwe Municipal Council was ideally suitable for the study as the first pilot council to have practiced participatory budgeting in Zambia. The primary focus in the Kabwe Municipal Council case study is on the extent to which stakeholder participation is promoted in the budgeting process by measuring the extent against the conditi...
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