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The result of more than twenty yearsÕ research, this seven-volume book lists over 23,000 people and 8,500 marriages, all related to each other by birth or marriage and grouped into families with the surnames Brandt, Cencia, Cressman, Dybdall, Froelich, Henry, Knutson, Kohn, Krenz, Marsh, Meilgaard, Newell, Panetti, Raub, Richardson, Serra, Tempera, Walters, Whirry, and Young. Other frequently-occurring surnames include: Greene, Bartlett, Eastman, Smith, Wright, Davis, Denison, Arnold, Brown, Johnson, Spencer, Crossmann, Colby, Knighten, Wilbur, Marsh, Parker, Olmstead, Bowman, Hawley, Curtis, Adams, Hollingsworth, Rowley, Millis, and Howell. A few records extend back as far as the tenth century in Europe. The earliest recorded arrival in the New World was in 1626 with many more arrivals in the 1630s and 1640s. Until recent decades, the family has lived entirely north of the Mason-Dixon Line.
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