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william abbatt a history of the united states and its people from their earliest records to the present time volume 6 купить по лучшей цене

The Rat Its History amp Destructive Character With Numerous Anecdotes By James Rodwell This book is one of the earliest published works dealing solely with the Rat, its history and natural history, and the numerous methods for its disposal. Its author states "I have studied the Nature, Fecundity, and Devastating Character of the Rat, and I have spared neither the time nor trouble in obtaining all the information within my power." First published in London 1863, the original edition is an extremely rare item. Read Country Books has now re-published it in its entirety from the original text. Its 312 pages contain twenty nine detailed and entertaining chapters:- The Different Kinds of Rats, and their Natural History. - The Unreasonable Fear of Rats. - General Characteristics. - Tame Rats. - Rats Nests. - Dietetics of Rats. - Testimonies of Writers and Naturalists. - Predatory and Destructive Habits of Rats. - Thievish Propensities. - The Destruction and Extirpation of Rats. - Wonderful Tales of Rats. - Courage, Ferocity, and Cunning of Rats. - United Attacks of Rats. - Their Natural Weapons. - Articles Manufactured from Rat Skins. - Rats as Human Food. - Whistling Joe, the Hertfordshire Sermulot Hunter and Ratcatcher. - Miscellaneous Anecdotes. - Universal Prevalence and Destructive Habits. - Fecundity of Rats. - Vermin Killers and Rat Matches. - Sewer Rats and Ratcatchers of London. - Ratcatchers and Best Means. - How Farmers should Extirpate Their Vermin. - Natures Met...
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