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For the first time in nearly 100 years, The Sickle by William W Walter, Volume 1 is now available to the general public. This Metaphysical classic, as well as its companion volume, "The Sharp Sickle, A Text Book of Eschatology, Volume 2" were far ahead of their time when written and even now stands firmly on its feet among Christian Science practitioners as well as those with a deep interest in metaphysics and healing. Mr. Walter was known throughout the world through his teaching, healing and writing. He had many students from Canada, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and most every state in the United States. Wishing to give to the world the benefit of his finding he wrote a book entitled “The Sickle,” which acted as a bridge between mind and matter and brought the readers’ thought up gradually. After a few years of study of this book, he wrote “The Sharp Sickle,” which became the text-book of Eschatology. AudioEnlightenment has done an incredible service in finding,and bringing these books to the attention of the public once again for those that seek truth wherever it presents itself. The Sickle, William W Walter, from the preface This book was written for the thinker, and not the trifler; it was not written to benefit the writer, but to enlighten the honest searcher for truth. The price was placed at twenty-five dollars to prevent its fall into the hands of the trifler, for the trifler takes paper and binding and size into consideration in determining...
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