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In the book, you will find proven strategies to secure your financial future while surviving the cyclical environment of Corporate America."It's critical that Executives in Corporate America not only have an entry strategy, and performance strategy...but most importantly Executives need an exit strategy."---K. Thomas Hutt, CFP®, CPA, MBAThis book provides simple strategies on how to: • Accumulate Corporate Wealth Assets • Develop Corporate Career Assets • Manage Personal Finances • Evaluate Early Buyout Offers • Transfer Tax Deferred Assets Each chapter is a quick-action reference guide for implementing basic financial strategies to secure your financial future. K. Thomas Hutt is a certified financial planner and certified public accountant with over thirty years of experience in the financial-services industry. His financial advice has been featured numerous times on local television stations and in newspapers, as well as Money magazine, Black Enterprise magazine, Heart & Soul magazine, PBS's Moneywise TV and TV One News. He is also the author of FINANCIAL CPR: 10 SIMPLE STEPS TO HEAL YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE.
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